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The Stifler Family play a central role in the American Pie movies. While not always the main characters, the family always plays a major role and is featured in all movies. The most notable Stifler is Steve, who plays both the antagonist turn hero in the four canon films. While Steve is perhaps the most popular and beloved, his brother Matt, cousins Dwight, Erik, Scott, and Stephanie have played roles in the spin off films.

Steve and Matt's father is never mentioned by name. But it is obvious that he is a Stifler, as their mother, Jeanine, is often referred to as "Mrs. Stifler." Also, it does appear that every male Stifler, aside from Erik, are known to be oversexed male playboys.

While most Stiflers are known to be carefree assholes, they all have redeeming qualities that make them likable guys in the end. These moments:

  • Steve taught Jim how to dance, although it was meant to get laid with Michelle's sister (American Wedding).
  • After ruining the wedding flowers, Steve showed that he truly cared for his friends and had more flowers made for the wedding by his own football team (American Wedding).
  • Steve's wish on his high school senior wish list is "to keep the party going with his boys.", making Jim, Kevin, Oz and Finch realize that despite his boorish behavior, he genuinely values their friendship. This revelation makes the guys feel very remorseful for telling him off the previous night so they locate him at work and apologize to him, finally embracing Steve as a part of their group.
  • Steve punches Dr. Ron, thus sparing Oz the legal trouble of doing so, allowing him (Oz) to win Heather back, to which Steve responds that he (Steve) is Oz's dick (American Reunion).
  • After realizing that his older brother's path was not for him, Matt changed his ways and fell in love with Elise, going as far as helping her win a scholarship (Band Camp).
  • Erik is the only innocent good Stifler throughout the series (The Naked Mile and Beta House)
  • While oversexed and partying like Steve and Matt, Dwight is actually NOT a careless asshole and is actually friendly to everyone (The Naked Mile and Beta House). The only exceptions to this are his fraternity rivals(the midget fraternity and the Geeks, specifically Rock and Edgar). Dwight also made sure that Erik could pledge the Beta House when the rest of his fraternity brothers voiced their doubts.
  • After being raped by a moose (comic relief), Scott comforts a girl who is heart broken by her boyfriend and does without trying to trick into bed (The Book of Love).

While Stiflers are usually assholes and unfriendly at times, Steve, Matt, Dwight, and Scott have all been friendly to the main characters even while teasing them. Matt in particular chose to finally put past the reckless Stifler lifestyle and become a better person.

Erik Stifler is the only Stifler to be a main character, virgin, and non-oversex partier. Erik takes on the token loser who is trying to get laid much like Jim Levenstein.

The Stifler boys are often victims of embarrassing and disgusting things happening to them;

  • Steve drank a cum filled beer (American Pie).
  • Steve got pissed on when he thought he was getting champaign poured on him (American Pie 2).
  • Steve eats dog shit (American Wedding).
  • Steve has sex with Jim's elderly grandmother, as he believed that he was having sex with Michelle's sister(as he was in a dark closet and didn't realize it at first)
  • After eating out a very unattractive girl, Steve gets her cum all over his face, which disgusts him (American Reunion).
  • Matt gets itching spray on his cock, and his ass is accidentally exposed to the entire graduation audience when the curtain collapses. (Band Camp).
  • Matt drinks spit laced soda (Band Camp).
  • Matt gets a oboe stuck on his cock (Band Camp).
  • Erik is caught jacking off by his parents and grandmother, resulting in a prejaculation on them and his grandmother dying of a heart attack (The Naked Mile).
  • Erik has a sensitive stomach, which makes him shit when he's nervous and in one instance, he shits in his girlfriend's dryer when he's about to be caught naked by her father (The Naked Mile).
  • Erik prejaculates on Ashley's stuffed bear when she's trying to relief his burn (Beta House).
  • After losing a card game, Scott is forced to be naked out in the snow. He is then raped by a moose (The Book of Love).

The Stifler boys will often use their own bodily functions or do something to cause embarrassing things to others to get revenge on someone:

  • Steve slipped laxative inside Finch's mochaccino.
  • Steve shits in the coolers of three teenagers who disrespected them and stole Oz's girlfriend's top (American Reunion).
  • Matt and his friends spay itching powder on the mouthpieces of all the instruments in the East Grade Falls band as a practical joke.
  • Matt puts his own cum inside a bottle of sun tan lotion to get back at the Beachwood leaders for their taunting towards East Great Falls players (Band Camp).

Noah Levenstein (Jim's dad) has either met or been involved with someone who knows a Stifler.

  • Noah knows Steve personally as his son, Jim, is a close friend of his (American Pie 1-2, Wedding, and Reunion).
  • Noah counseled Matt at Band Camp.
  • Noah was high school friends with Erik's father (The Naked Mile).
  • Noah hosted Erik and Dwight's naked mile and was the host of their Greek Olympic competition.
  • Noah helped Scott Stifler's friends Rob, Lube, and Nathan restore the Bible. Scott is the only Stifler that Noah has not met.