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Stephanie Stifler is a main character of American Pie Presents: Girls' Rules and the younger cousin of Steve Stifler.

Character Biography[]

Early Life[]

Born into the infamous Stifler Family, Stephanie took up the prankster, sex-obsessed personality of her older cousins and became another chapter in the Stifler Legacy at East Great Falls. At some point, she met a young Emmett and the two became best friends. However, the friendship ended in fifth grade after Stephanie became mean and boisterous.

Girls Rules[]

In their Senior Year, Stephanie, along with her friends, decided to make a pact. Stephanie’s was to meet a nice guy and actually form a relationship. She initially thought this could be done with new student Grant, however she eventually rekindled her friendship with Emmett and the pair began to date.


  • Stephanie’s relationship with Emmett is very similar to her older cousin Matt Stifler and his girlfriend Elyse.
  • Stephanie and Scott Stifler are the only two Stifler family members not to share screen time with Noah Levenstein. However, they may have met him at the family parties Erik mentions in Naked Mile.
  • Stephanie’s relation to the Stifler boys is never mentioned on screen, however it is assumed she is a younger cousin. Some fans theorised she may be Steven’s daughter or a younger sister to Dwight or Scott, however their lack of appearance confirms this is not the case.