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Noah Levenstein
Noah Levenstein in American Pie
Noah Levenstein
born 1952, age 47 in AP1, 49 in AP2, 51 in AP3, and 60 in American Reunion
James Emanuel Levenstein (son)
Michelle Flaherty (Daughter-in-law)
Mrs. Levenstein (wife)
Evan Levenstein (grandson)
Grandma Levenstein (Mother)
Jeanine Stifler (Girlfriend)
Portrayed by
Eugene Levy

Noah Levenstein is Jim Levenstein's apparently geeky father, whose awkward efforts to help Jim often cause more embarrassment than anything, despite his good intentions. He is the only character (portrayed by the Canadian actor) to appear in eight of the nine American Pie films.


Noah grew up in the town of East Great Falls in the state of Michigan, and has known the Stifler family for years; we were young, Erik's father would often give him wedgies.

As a teenager (during the mid-1960s approximately), Noah attended East Great Falls High School, just as his son would years later. During this time, he became the founding author of the school's legendary secret, "The Bible", and hid it in the school's library for future male students to find.

After high school, Noah attended the University of Michigan as his alma mater in the late 1960s. He joined the BETA House fraternity and was the fraternity's president by 1968. He started the Naked Mile run as a passive protest and a way to "stick it to the man",

During 1968, the Betas were challenged to a Greek Olympiad, a traditional competition between fraternities which Beta House had never lost, by SIGMA House. As BETA president, Noah was automatically team captain for the Betas. A series of mishaps, from a bra burning protest by feminists against the Games burning down the university's administration building, to a pig causing a car to hit a power pole and trigger the Ann Arbor blackout of 1968, and others that somehow drew the attention of the National Guard and the United States Air Force would get the Olympiad banned by the university for life. Nevertheless, Noah still managed to lead the Betas to victory. All in all, Noah's college days became infamous, as Dwight Stifler proclaims him to be "the craziest bastard this campus has ever known".

During the years afterward, Noah met his wife, got married, and settled down to a happy domestic life helping to raise their only child, Jim. Having to deal with Jim's awkward mishaps into sexism that began in high school, Noah supported and helped Jim through them, often keeping the ones that he felt would do no harm to keep from his wife a secret. As a Beta alum, Noah also serves as Beta's House-counseling consigliere for when current Betas get in trouble with the law (and as such, is on a first-name basis with the local police). In 2005, Noah temporarily assumed the position of MACRO (Morale And Conflict Resolution Officer) at Tall Oaks Band Camp at Michelle's request as she was pregnant at the time, and served as a source of wisdom and guidance for Steve Stifler's younger brother Matt there.

The Levensteins were happily married for many years, but sometime in 2009 after The Book of Love, Noah's wife passed away, leaving him a devastated widower.

For the next three years, he was depressed and lonely after his wife's passing, but after Jim and Michelle bring him along to Stifler's reunion party, he meets Stifler's mother Jeanine and they hit it off, and begin dating - thus ending his loneliness. He was notable for being the only man she met that just wanted to care for her and not see her as just someone to sleep with and leave.


  • Like his family, has a religion in real life.