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Nadia is a Czechoslovakian foreign exchange student who attended East Great Falls during the fall of 1999 and was Jim's former love interest in American Pie and American Pie 2. She is played by Shannon Elizabeth.


In American Pie, Jim tries to lose his virginity with her, during his pact to lose his virginity. She asks him to help with her studies in history. Knowing that he could use this to his advantage and have sex with her, he tells her that they can start tomorrow. She says she has ballet practice after school, but asks if she could change clothes in his room, which he instantly agreed to. When she meets him at his house after her ballet practice, Jim's dad tries to impress her, but rather only embarrasses him. After he leaves, Jim tells her to change in his room while he waits outside. It is revealed that he has actually set up a monitoring system to allow him and his friends, and unknowingly the entire school directory, to watch her strip

We see that she has a tall, sexy and nice figure, as she strips half naked, only wearing her panties. When she lays down on Jim's bed and finds his porn magazine, she begins to masturbates and loses attention of her surroundings. Jim runs back to his house to make a move. He sneaks in and tries to make a one liner about being a "helping hand", but she is embarrassed. She is mad at Jim, but due to being currently very horny, she asks to return the favor by Jim stripping himself. Jim does this, much to his friends disgust, but she finds him kinky and asks him to sit on the bed. She tries to get his hand into her panties, but he prematurely ejaculates as he touches her legs. She then loses interest in him, and decides to dress up. He then tries to tell her that he still can have sex, and brings out his porn collection. He starts to show it to her, but says that none of them were as beautiful as her. She then thanks him for the compliment, by laying on him and rubbing up against him. When she is about to deflower him, she takes off her panties, baring it all to Jim. The sight of her shaved vagina causes Jim to again ejaculate prematurely. It is assumed that she leaves after this. However, her exchange family saw this webcam video, and she is sent back to Central Europe. At the end of the movie, it is shown that she and Jim are still in contact, and Jim tries to strip for her. His father walks in on this, but just goes with the flow, and leaves.

At the end of American Pie 2 when Jim chooses Michelle over her, she is sad and hurt but then meets Chuck "Sherminator" Sherman and develops an instant sexual lust for him and drags him upstairs to have sex. The next morning, she is seen in bed cuddling with him. It is unknown what happens to their relationship after that, but it can be assumed that it was a one night stand as Sherman, with no meaning, as he later married and divorced someone else.

She is absent in American Wedding but is mentioned and is the topic of a conversation between Jim and his father. Jim asks if he could sleep with her, would he? HE replies, "In a heartbeat".

She makes a brief cameo in the ending moments of American Reunion, with a new boyfriend (or possibly husband) named Mitch, who is short in stature and looks an awful lot like Jim. Mitch, however, she does not see the resemblance. Nadia compliments Jim and Michelle on still being kinky after walking in on them fooling around, something they take with a smile. They promise to talk once Jim and Michelle are done.