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Matt Stifler
All the Slices
Slices of Pie American Pie, American Pie 2, Band Camp, The Naked Mile
Gender Male
Birthdate 1987
Age 11 (AP), 13 (AP2), 18 (APBC)
Father Unknown Father
Mother Jeanine Stifler
Uncle Harry Stifler
Siblings Steve Stifler (older brother)
Cousins Dwight Stifler

Erik Stifler
Scott Stifler
Stephanie Stifler

Relationships Elyse Houston

Matthew "Matt" Stifler is Steve's younger brother, whose first name was not revealed in the first two films. Although a minor character in the first two films (and not seen or mentioned in the third), he was the main character of Band Camp.


Early Life[]

In his youth, Matt evidently looked up to his older brother, Steve Stifler as a role model and hoped to follow in his footsteps. At some point, he began a youthful relationship with his crush Elyse Houston. However, things turned sour when he ran her training bras and clothes up East Great Falls flag pole in an attempt to impress his brother. At his lake house with his brother Steve, he witnessed Jim Levenstein's fling with Nadia (including him prematurely ejaculating twice) on live Internet broadcast that became a viral video. The broadcast is later mentioned by his cousin Erik, implying that he also witnessed the encounter. The next year, he joined his brother and friends at their Beach House for the summer, spending the party night chatting up girls and stealing their porn collection. Over the next few years, he had inherited the family's sex drive, claiming to have had sex with three college cheerleaders in one week, during his spring break. As he grew older, he was described as students as a 'bigger asshole than his brother'. At some point in his school years, he found Noah Levenstein's sex Bible and rented it.

Stay at Tall Oaks Band Camp[]

After disrupting the band's performance at the East Great Falls High School graduation with mace, he is punished by being sent to Tall Oaks Band Camp. It is here, he planned to film his very own 'Bandies Gone Wild' in order to earn the respect from his peers once again. However, he found getting footage incredibly difficult as the Bandies ostracized him from activities and made him victim to their own form of practical jokes. It was here that Matt finally met Noah Levenstein, whom had become a councellor at Tall Oaks as a step in for Michelle.

He also found he would be sharing his time with Elyse, the first girl he had ever dated. They grew incredibly close, despite their resentment toward each other and finally decided to rekindle their relationship as Matt began enjoying his time at Band Camp. Matt made friends with the band camp. However, their relationship became stranded once again as Stifler's plans for 'Bandie's Gone Wild' were revealed. Attempting to rectify his mistake, Matt attempted to spike the drinks of the opposing team with a gagging reflex medicine, hoping it was cause them all to throw up during their performance. Due to some unfortunate incident, however, the drinks were switched and East Great Falls fell to the floor puking instead.

Soon after, Matt met with Mr Levenstein for some kind of comfort but was instead informed that no one much cared for his brother. In fact, he found out from further digging, he was one of the most hated members of the school; when asked, guidance counselor Chuck Sherman explained that Steve was only liked for his parties. This was the final straw for Matt as he became disillusioned with the 'Stifler Legacy' and deleted all footage for 'Bandies Gone Wild'. He reconciled with his band camp friends. He then persuaded the school band to perform Elyse's piece winning her a national composing scholarship. The two kiss and they begin their relationship once more.

Later Life[]

It was assumed Matt went to college after his final year at East Great Falls as well as joining the school band playing the Bagpipes after his performance in Tall Oaks the year before. Pictures at the end credits of American Pie Presents: Band Camp insinuate he attended Tall Oaks again the next year with the same crowd of people.

A year later, he was still considered a 'legendary Stifler boy' by his cousin Erik despite his allegiance with the band. His name was found four years later by Rob Shearson in The East Great Falls Bible.

Whereas his brother lived at home with his mother, Matt seems to have moved out by the time of American Reunion.


Matt is notable to be possibly the only member of the Stifler family, aside from his older brother in American Wedding, to realize that the 'Stifler Legacy' isn't necessarily a good one. He is also different from other Stiflers as Mr Levenstein notes that people actually want to like him but they find it difficult due to the way he acts. He was not a jerk as you think he is. I think he never stood up to his brother. In band camp movie, he uses the Stifler act to be well liked and get girls, but it was act. He is afraid he would get rejected by the popular kids and his brother.

While obnoxious, selfish, arrogant jock, bully and sex obsessed like his brother, Matt also values friendship and deeply wants to be accepted by everyone. As pointed out by Elyse, he was changed to fit in with his social surroundings inclining a very deep insecurity that can only be constructed by years of being tormented by his brother. Although regarded as even more annoying then Steve, Matt actually finds more genuine friends then his brother ever had. After his stay at Band Camp, Matt dropped out of the 'mean click' and befriended Oscar, Jimmy and Chloe as well as finding love with Elyse and a best friend in Ernie. When he was a kid, he was more of a desperate virgin like the pack.


  • The way Matt looks up to Steve Stifler and later Noah Levenstein may be due to the absence of his own father.
  • Despite being her son, Matt shares little to no screen time with Janine Stifler.
  • Matt's relationship with his cousins is never depicted, though the way Erik and Dwight refer to him insinuate they look up to him much like he did with Steve.
  • Matt is one of three spin-off characters to actually share screen time with the original main cast. The other two are Noah Levenstein and Chuck Sherman.
  • Because he rented out The Bible and most probably contributed to it, he was probably contacted by Rob, Lube and Nathan in 2009 to help rebuild the book.
  • While his brother got women by claiming to be sensitive and lying, Matt goes for a more honest approach. This is most likely why he seems less successful in his attempts to score and why his sexual partners have only been close friends.
  • Matt’s relationship with Elyse is very similar to his younger cousin Stephanie’s relationship to her boyfriend Emmett.