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Madison & Alexa
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Slices of Pie American Reunion
Gender Female
Age 17 or 18
Siblings Unknown
Relationships Kara (best-friend), each other (best friends)

Madison and Alexa are friends who appear in American Reunion. Madison is portrayed by Jennifer Sun Bell (Credited as Jennifer Bell) and Alexa is portrayed by Autumn Dial.


Madison and Alexa attend Kara's party where they meet Stifler. Madison and Stifler discuss Twilight while Alexa offers him the drugs. They ditch Stifler once he turns away. Alexa is later seen walking with Kara during the end.


  • Jennifer & Autumn have both appeared in sequels of the MTV hit horror film My Super Psycho Sweet 16.

Madison's Trivia[]

  • Fan of Twilight series.
    • Favorite Book is New Moon.

Alexa's Trivia[]

  • Does Drugs