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John (MILF Guy #2)
Somewhere in Michigan
Portrayed by
John Cho

John (MILF Guy #2) is a minor character in the first three films, and a major supporting character in American Reunion.

Though considered the second half of the MILF duo, he acts more as the leader. John coins the term MILF after seeing a enticing photo of Jeanine Stifler, while intoxicated. He and MILF Guy #1, Justin proceed to chant MILF over and over. John is also a member of the choir, along with Oz and Heather.

John and Justin reappear in "American Pie 2" in a slightly larger role though still minor characters. They begin to idolize Finch for scoring with Jeanine. John's most prominent scene is when he has to urinate immediately and pees off the balcony due to the long wait time to use the bathroom, accidentally peeing on Stifler's head, though neither of them realize it. Stifler, however, tastes the urine and figures it out soon after, though John was never aware at all. They attend the big party at the beach house in the ending moments of the film.

He and Justin briefly appear near the beginning and end of "American Wedding". They stop by Jim and Michelle's engagement where they are disappointed by the lack of refreshments (at least of their preference). They then proclaim themselves as ushers for the wedding, without so much as asking. They are not seen again until the wedding day where Kevin assigns them to monitor Jim's annoying grandmother. The duo immediately get tired of her and ditch her in a closet. In the final scene, they spy on Finch have sex with Jeanine, only for steam to fog up the window, much to their dismay.

In American Reunion, John has a much larger role, as one of the key supporting characters. He is now a real estate agent (as mentioned in a bonus feature), and the host of the class reunion. He and his buddy are no longer on good terms for an unspecified reason, but it is shown that he severely misses him. His personality is much different in contrast to the previous three films. He is proper and seems to be quite feminine, leading to speculation that he may be gay or bisexual. He also appears to have a slight attraction to his former choir mate Oz, after Mia says "Who wants to see my baby shake his booty" (referring to the Celebrity Dance-Off video), John happily says "I know I do" while rubbing Oz's shoulder. In the end, he reunites with Justin and the two estranged friends enjoy the sight of Stifler and Finch's mom having sex on the lacrosse field as they cheer their trademark word "MILF".

He is notable for being the only background character to transition into a main role.

Memorable Quotes[]

  • "Dude, If I didnt have to hold my dick cause I gotta piss so bad I would shake your hand" (American Pie 2)
  • "Dude, am I gonna have a hangover cause I want one!" (American Pie 2)
  • "Dude, the line's too long. I'll never make it" (American Pie 2)
  • "Dude....Chick's a MILF!" (American Pie)
  • "M.I.L.F. - Mom I'd Like to Fuck" (American Pie)
  • "Jim...Food and the drink, are really bad! F for presentation. But the the good news for you--We're gonna be ushers at the wedding!" (American Wedding)
  • "The old bitch sucked. We had to ditch her" (American Wedding)
  • "This guy is the fucking master!" (American Wedding)
  • "Are you okay?! Oh my god are you alright?!" (American Reunion)
  • "Don't be a pussy, Jim!" (American Reunion)
  • "Let's just say that friendship is a two-way street" (American Reunion)