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Jim Levenstein
Jason Biggs as "Jim"
James Emanuel "Jim" Levenstein
Somewhere in Michigan
18 (American Pie)
  • 19 (American Pie 2)
  • 21 or 22 (American Wedding)
  • 30 or 31 (American Reunion)
Portrayed by
Jason Biggs

James Emanuel "Jim" Levenstein is the main protagonist of the American Pie series.

American Pie[]

Jim is the first seen character on American Pie, he is seen getting ready to masturbate to a porno (which had poor reception). His mother (Molly Cheek) comes in to his room to say goodnight. She noticed the television had poor reception, Jim's father (Eugene Levy) comes in and his mother says that Jim is watching porn, Jim's father doesn't believe this until the man from the television says something dirty, this embarrasses him. The next day at school, he is later seen with best friend Chris "Oz" Ostreicher (Chris Klein), talking about the previous night and Little Mermaid, they are later joined by Kevin Myers (Thomas Ian Nicholas) and Paul Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas).

They're later seen that day at their favorite restaurant 'Dog Years', talking about Steve Stifler's (Seann William Scott) party, and their game plan on how to get laid.

Later, Jim is seen at the party and is talking to Kevin Myers and Vicky Lathum (Tara Reid), when Jim notices Nadia (Shannon Elizabeth), an exchange student and tries to walk up and talk to her, unfortunately he gets too nervous.

Jim is later asked by Nadia if he is good at history, He confusedly says yes. He then experiences an elaborate plan, where he fails to have sex with her (read the "one who got away" for more info). Jim would then lose his virginity to Michelle on prom night, as there was no one else.

American Pie 2[]

Jim and his friends rented a house at Lake Michigan in American Pie 2, in the summer break at the end of their freshman year of college, however, before leaving with his friends to the lake, Jim receives a phone call from Nadia who reveals that she has traveled back to the US, in hopes to reunite with Jim on the last night at the summer cottage during a party Jim and his friends have been planning on throwing.

As Jim thinks Nadia wants the best, and Jim doesn't have these thoughts about himself, so he finds Michelle at Tall Oaks Band Camp, and she teaches him how to be good in bed.

On grounds of a glue accident Jim is not allowed to have sex before the night of the party, and when Nadia turns up earlier than expected, Michelle acts as his fake girlfriend. At the party Jim finds out that it isn't Nadia he wants but Michelle, so he picks up Michelle and takes her back to the party, and they start dating, leaving Nadia to eventually end up sleeping with Sherman.

American Wedding[]

The third installment opens with Jim proposing to Michelle at a restaurant after an embarrassing incident at a restaurant when Michelle misinterpreted a cue from Jim as implying he wanted her to perform oral sex under the table. Jim attempted to stall as the engagement ring was not in the box and his father Noah was en route to deliver it. Jim was strained as his father arrived and revealed his intentions to propose, something Michelle overheard. After the situation was revealed, Jim subsequently propose to her.

Shortly thereafter, Steve Stifler crashed the couple's engagement party at the Levenstein household. Jim attempted to explain to Stifler in private, but ended up in a mess when Jim accidentally caused Stifler to mash an engagement cake to mash into his shorts. While Jim took his pants off to clean them, Michelle's parent's dogs came in, the larger one licking cake from Stifler's groin while the smaller one began humping Jim's legs, ending in an unsightly spectacle for several guests of the party where it appeared as though Jim was fornicating with the larger dog.

Jim later learns that Michelle wants a specific dress made in Chicago, and so the quartet embark on a quick roadtrip to hunt down the dressmaker Leslie Summers. Unfortunately the group fails to reach the store is in time and are informed Leslie has left for a day, they split up and attempt to find Leslie in a night club. Stifler mistakenly wanders into a gay bar, and after a misunderstanding in which some patrons believed he was gay, he nearly gets the group ejected from the club. Stifler challenges Bear, a large patron of the bar whom had initially been introduced to Stifler as a potential hook up and later exchanged insults when he realized Stifler wasn't gay, to a dance-off. The excitement of the dance-off wins over Bear and his friend, whom turns out to be Leslie Summers. Outside the club, Bear thanks the guys for a good time and also informs them that he manages some strippers for entertainment. Jim's success in tracking down the dressmaker creates an opportunity for Jim and the Flaherty's to have dinner together so he can explain why he thinks he'll be a great husband to Michelle.

In an attempt to earn the Flaherty's approval, Jim invites them to his parents home for a private dinner. Unbeknownst to him, Stifler, Finch, and Kevin had planned a surprise bachelor party in the same location with strippers provided by their new friend Bear whom they met at a gay bar in Chicago. When Jim arrived with the Flaherty's, Finch, Stifler, and Bear attempted to hide the show by passing Bear off as a butler and sommelier, and the stripper dressed as a French maid as the Levenstein's housekeeper. When the Flaherty's discover Kevin in the closet, they call the police; the second stripper whom was dressed as an officer comes out of hiding. However both strippers are unaware of the situation and believe Jim and the Flaherty's are guests at the bachelor party, shocking Michelle's mother when they begin removing their clothes. Ironically enough, her mother declares that Jim has earned their trust and blessing for their marriage, given their perception that he put so much effort into the evening just to get them to like them.

In the meantime, Jim agrees to let Stifler attend the wedding in exchange for teaching him how to dance with Michelle at their reception.

Eventually the Levensteins, the Flahertys, and the boys, all travel to the wedding venue for the big day. In preparation, Jim decides to shave his groin for his wedding night and disposes of the trimmings out of his hotel room window which happens to be above the hotel kitchen window. A cooling fan sucks the trimmings into the kitchen and blows them all over, coating their wedding cake in Jim's pubic hair and forcing the baker to dispose of the cake.

Later, Jim and Michelle are summoned to the hotel kitchen to find that Stifler had accidentally shut down the walk-in refrigerator, which converted the refrigerator into an oven and killed all of the floral arrangements for the wedding. When they discovered this, Jim asked Stifler to leave the wedding, having ruined enough things. Stifler redeemed himself when he recruited the high school football team he coaches to assist in recreating the flower arrangements for the wedding.

The wedding day arrives, Jim has a pow-wow with his groomsmen on the cliff side thanking them for their help. The ceremony soon begins, Jim and Michelle exchange vows and then enjoy their reception in which Jim surprises Michelle with his excellent dancing talent.


Jim does not appear in the spin-off films but his father does and both alludes to events of the previous trilogy (sex with the apple pie, marrying Michelle). In the first spin off Band Camp, Jim's dad mentions that Michelle is pregnant, and in the second spin off The Naked Mile, Jim's dad says that Jim and Michelle are raising their child. This could be Evan (mentioned below), but as Evan was 5 in American Reunion which is set in 2012 while Band Camp and Naked Mile were set in 2005 and 2006 respectively. This is probably a continuity error.

American Reunion[]

Jim is still married to Michelle, and they have a son Evan, who is 2 years old. However, the couple's sex life has been dormant since their child's birth. One day, the whole family has an awkward experience related to masturbation. The next day, Kevin contacts Jim at work to confirm his presence at the 13th Reunion of the 1999 Promotion of East Great Falls High School. Jim decides to assist and arrives to his father's house with his family to spend the weekend. Jim and Michelle decide to become sexually active again, but the situation complicates when Jim runs into his old neighbor Kara, who is soon to turn 18. Jim tries to consolate his father who is still in grief over his wife's death. Jim, Kevin, Oz and Finch reunite before the reunion and they are unexpectedly joined by Stifler. The next day they all go to the lake and get payback of A.J., Kara's boyfriend, after he stole many woman's bikinis. They go to Kara's birthday party at night, joined by Heather and Vicki. After Kara gets drunk, Jim drives home but on the way, Kara reveals that she wants Jim to be her first time and gets naked. After nearly crashing, Kara falls unconscious and Jim requests Stifler, Oz and Finch's help to get her back home. After evading his family and Kara's parents, Jim places her in her room and escapes the house with Stifler after they alert Kara's dad. Jim gets home and falls asleep, much to Michelle's disappointment, who was hoping to finally get laid with her husband. The next day Jim invites Noah to Stifler's party to overcome his grief. At the party, Jim and Michelle decide to have a roleplay like their first time. But as Michelle goes to dress, Jim is joined by Kara and is discovered by A.J., which leads to a fight between the teens and the 1999 promotion. After police arrives, Jim explains to Michelle the last night event, which causes her and Kara storm off. The police arrests Finch for stealing a motorcycle and Jim, Oz and Kevin reveal their mistrust to Stifler, which causes him to leave offended and hurt. Next day, Jim learns that Michelle has left and reveals to Noah his sex troubles, to which his father advices him to rekindle his relationship and let the sex come. Before the reunion, upon realizing how much he cares for them, the 4 friends apologize to Stifler, and invite him to come with them to the party. Uplifted by this, Stifler stands up to his abusive boss, quits his job and attends the reunion with his friends. The five arrive at the party and re-encounter with Sherman and Jessica. Jim spots Michelle who has come to the party and he confesses his love for her, and they dance together before leaving to finally have sex in the music room, where they come across with Nadia. The day after the reunion, Jim, Stifler, Oz, Finch and Kevin decide to reunite at least one a year.

Warm Apple Pie[]


Michelle Annabeth Flaherty

Jim underwent the same Geometry Classes as Michelle Flaherty senior year at East Great Falls High School. He first engaged in conversation with Michelle following the embarrassment internet scenario with Nadia and so began searching for easy dates for the East Falls Prom to take back to Jeanine Stifler's lake house and engage in sexual intercourse. The two gathered at their Geometry seats after class to discuss. Michelle increasingly annoyed Jim with her opening sentence stories of One time at Band Camp but as Jim interjected with the question of accompanying him to the prom she reluctantly agreed. Michelle also asked if she could return to Steven Stifler's lake house afterparty. Once at the East Great Halls Auditorium Prom night she witnessed Burnette's confession of not having sex with Chuck Sherman leading to his embarrassment upon which she was dancing with Steven Stifler's date who originally was hoping to be accompanied by Paul Finch following Jessica's rumors. Jim became infuriated at Kevin after he persisted, they hurry up and do as well him in the pact causing him to head back to Michelle and converse with her. The two then began the walk to Jeanine Stifler's home and upon walking down the driveway began the subject of Jim never having any stories to tel Michelle when she has many. Jim then began to tell the story of Steven Stifler's drinking of Kevin Myer's ejaculation left in an ale cup. The story was finished in the lounge room of Jeanine Stifler's lake home. Michelle interjected with two more stories the last pertaining to the overly sexual use of a flute in her vagina. Jim became surprised at Michelle's story and listened to her plea of them having sexual intercourse as she was feeling horny and confessed most of the reason for accepting this date was the erratic behavior he demonstrated on his strip dance on the internet for Nadia. Jim then retreated to Matthew Stifler's room for sex and broke many objects and glass upon doing so. Michelle became a nympho maniac upon engaging in sex as she yelled and intimidated him into saying her name. The following morning Michelle left, leaving Matthew Stifler's dinosaur pool toy to substitute as Jim's wake up hold. Jim comes to the conclusion that Michelle used him.

In the following American Pie Jim prepares for Nadia's return and hopes to learn some both wooing and sex techniques resulting to the woman that took his virginity Michelle. Jim travels to Tall Oaks Band Camp disguised as a mentally disabled Tall Oaks North Band student. Michelle tells Jim beforehand of him not knowing what he was doing and being terrible in intercourse. Michelle then offers Jim lessons involving the undoing of a bra, kissing techniques and etiquette. Due to Jim's mishap with the lamp repair glue she is forced to pretend to be Jim's girlfriend so that Nadia will not try and have sex with Jim immediately. Once Jim's penis recovers from the separation Michelle fakely breaks up with Jim before leaving subtle compliments during their false argument leading her to believe him to great in sexual intercourse. Michelle then departs to head back to Tall Oaks in preparation for the Talls Oak's Performance at the Amphitheater. Jim is escorted by Nadia to the lighthouse overlooking Grand Harbor Lake and there Jim realizes his love for Michelle. Jim separates from Nadia stating that she was he used to want and inspirational speech regarding claiming your nerd love leads Nadia to Chuck Sherman back at the Myer's party. Jim then drives to Tall Oaks Band Camp and interrupts the amphitheater with the stolen trumpet and Peter Blake guise clothing. Jim then kisses Michelle before everyone drawing applause and escorting Michelle back to the party. The two then engage in unseen sexual intercourse during the night and wake up together. Jim then begins his relationship with Michelle as stated by Chris and him.

The two then continue seeing each other for three more years until a restaurant dinner date where Jim proposes following a fellatio when Michelle mistakenly believes him to be bored of her. Jim goes on to prepare for his wedding beginning with an engagement party at his house gatecrashed and ruined by Steven Stifler. Steven wrecks the engagement cake and is attacked by Mary and Harold Flaherty's dogs because of the cake upon him. Jim tries to ward off the dogs but drops his pants and is seen by Michelle's parents to be defiling their dogs. Michelle goes on with concerns of finding the perfect wedding dress which cant be substituted and unavailable in the area. Paul Finch learns of a dressmaker who is the only one who can supply Michelle with her perfect wedding dress. Jim accompanies a bachelor party prone Steve Stifler, Kevin and Finch to Chicago to find Leslie but only to stumble into a gay bar. There Steve impresses a local homosexual and win bachelor party girls as well as the dress. Michelle's sister Cadence then arrives at the airport for the wedding only to take the attraction of Finch and later Stifler. The two switch characteristics to impress Cadence both succeeding in their opposites. Michelle disapproves of Stifler getting close to Cadence and Jim convinces her into believing that there is a fraction of caring to his foul-mouthed and crude behavior. Jim was taught by Stifler to dance the waltz for the first dance with Michelle following the wedding. Jim's grandmother disapproves of Michelle being Jim's bride due to her not being Jewish. Stifler eventually calms Jim's grandmother into consent after accidentally engaging in sexual intercourse with his grandmother. However the wedding is halted previously by Stifler accidentally leaving the heat lamps on over the wedding flowers causing them to die. Stifler saves their wedding by finding the florist at her home and convincing him with the East Great Falls Le Cross Coach motto You Don't Score Until You Score.

The two are then married, and during the events of American Pie Presents Band Camp, Noah Levenstein mentions that Michelle is pregnant and in American Pie Presents the Naked Mile Levenstein mentions that Michelle being the mother his "grandchild", implying that by that point that she may have given birth.

In American Reunion, Jim and Michelle have a two year old son named Evan, which has taken a toll on their sex life. This creates a continuity error, since if Michelle was pregnant during Band Camp (2005) and had given birth by Naked Mile (2006), Jim and Michelle's child should be six, not two, unless they were two separate children.


Kevin Myers was one of Jim's four original best friends continuing onto his second circle of four closet friends. He attended East Great Halls up until graduation with Jim, was associated with Noah Levenstein and his mother as well his motivator along with Paul Finch for the webcam broadcast of Nadia's undressing in his bedroom. He constantly included Jim in his the next step pacts and was his groomsmen for his 2003 wedding with Michelle Flarity. He was believed to have been abducted and tortured following the discovery of the bachelor's party by Mary Flaherty as he was tied to a chair, gagged and blinded.

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Steve Stifler is one of Jim's four best friends. The host of all the high school parties in East Great Falls. Despite his bitter rivalry with Paul Finch, who he mostly calls "Shitbreak" (because of Finch's compulsive need to leave school just to make a bowel movement), the two truly are good friends, but rarely ever show it.

Steve attended East Great Falls with Jim and watched him and Nadia on the internet after taking over Matthew's computer. His lake house cottage was also the host for the loss of his virginity to Michelle in 1999. He advised him broadcasting Nadia and was supported by Finch as rarely done causing Jim to do it. He accompanied Jim to the Ann Harbor Lakehouse for the summer working as a painter alongside him to earn money for the house. He kissed Stifler after entering the owners of the house they were painting as a way of preventing them from calling the police.

Stifler was declined though upon the girl's request to give him a hand job along with Finch. Stifler went on to supply Jim with pornography titled Pussy Palace which led along with the lubricant supplied to his hand being glued to his penis. Stifler also tried upon Jim's departure in an ambulance to accompany him for the hilarity. Jim acted as the mediator previously between Finch and Stilfer after Steve caught Finch in his mother's room reading her tantric description books.

Stifler gatecrashed Jim's engagement party and re-arranged his cake's lettering. Stifler caused Jim's embarrassment making Howard and Mary Flaherty's belief of Jim to be a dog defiler. Stifler was invited into the wedding by Jim's mom and allowed to stay by teaching Jim to dance for the first dance with Michelle. Stifler organized Jim's bachelor party and helped after befriending a homosexual club hopper, Bear, at a Chicago Gay Bar leading to two exotic strippers Officer Krystal and Fraulene Brandy at the Levenstein Home. Stifler in his false put ons impressed both Jim's Parents and the Flahertys in hope of bedding Michelle's sister Cadence. Stifler mistakenly had sex with Jim's grandmother which aided in her consent of Michelle being his bride. Stifler was then granted groomsmen and guardian of the ring.

Paul Finch was one of four best friends of Jim's during his years at East Great Falls High school accompanying him at the pact group's outing at Dog Years up until the lakehouse summer in Ann Harbour.

Jessica's rumors of Paul Finch's greatness was agreed by Jim after persuasion from Kevin Myers. Paul Finch was one of two original groomsmen for Jim in his wedding with Michelle Flaherty in 2003. Finch aided in finding the wedding dress of which Michelle desired and impressed her sister Cadence with his Stifler impersonation behavior.

He helped cover up the bachelor party upon Howard and Mary Flaherty's stumbling upon it during their original planned dinner with Jim. Paul Finch's crude behavior upon checking into the wedding location hotel was resented by Mary Flaherty and he convinced Michelle's parents that Fraulene Brandy to be his unaccustomed European cousin.

The One That Got Away[]


Jim shared an sexual crush upon Czechoslovakian foreign exchange student Nadia who attended East Great Falls during the fall of 1999. Jim approached Nadia originally at Steve Stifler's party but failed to make conversation instead over laughing and departing. Nadia was in the same geometry class as Jim and requested he aid her in world studies. Jim accepted after coaxing from Kevin and Oz. Stifler then preceded Jim into broadcasting the eastern European chick while she is undressing in her bedroom for she had ballet practice the same day as their planned study date. Jim caught a glimpse of her undressing firstly after entering the Myers home and watching it upon Kevin's computer. Jim accidentally addressed the webcam feed wrong mailing it to all mailboxes in the street area. The band members and their monkey, James De Bello character and friends, young socialites, Steve and Matt Stifler, East Great Falls Teachers, Chuck Sherman, braced boy, Michelle Flaherty and most of the student body watched the webcam feed of Nadia and Jim. Jim did a strip dance as requested by Nadia to prevent her from leaving upon entering in on her semi-naked. Upon Nadia guiding Jim's fingers to her vulva Jim ejaculated causing her to begin to leave but was coaxed back by Jim showing her the pornography magazines of which she was interested in and previously masturbating on his bed about, and saying she aroused him more then models in magazines. Nadia tried again for Jim to finger her but witnessed him ejaculating once again. Nadia's sponsors witnessed the webcam adultery and immediately booked her on a flight back home. Nadia then began traveling around the world sending postcards to Jim still interested though believing she wouldn't be


following her deportation. Nadia called Jim before his summer start in Ann Harbor from New York saying she hasn't forgotten about him. Jim then began to prepare in sexual balance for Nadia's arrival. He resorted eventually back to Michelle Flaherty who throughout the summer acted as his tutor. Jim however following the mishap with the lamp glue found his penis unusable in time for Nadia's arrival as she arrived early. Michelle then devised she pretend to be Jim's girlfriend until it heals so that Nadia will not engage in sexual intercourse with him yet. Upon it healing Michelle faked a break-up releasing subtle compliments of how good he performs. Nadia then spent the day with Jim before escorting him to the Ann Harbor Lighthouse where he confessed his love for Michelle. Jim left her with a cheek kiss and the inspiration to find a geek. Nadia, heartbroken, then went on to find Chuck Sherman at the party and putting use to his Terminator quotations, to get horny.

We'll Wait In The Car[]

We'll Just Tell Your Mother We Ate It All[]


Jim's father Noah Levenstein was the source of Jim's many sexual instructions and moments becoming awkward. Jim lived with his father until 2003 until moving out and had the birds and bees conversation with his father instead of mother. Noah following the discovering of Jim watching show pornography introduced him to pornographic magazines and certain parts of females. Noah told Jim of all his sexual moments and acted supportive for his adolescence.

Following Jim's holiday in Ann Harbor was called a night during the summer to accompany Jim in the hospital after he accidentally glued his hand to his penis and left hand to to his pornographic tape. Noah embarrassed Jim at the medical clinic arguing with a wheelchair bound elderly woman offended by the material stuck to his hand. Noah claimed not liking people who speak before they think but realized he had done the same with verbally abusing the wheelchair woman. Noah also caught Jim inserting his penis into his mother' desert apple pie and made up the cover up lie of them eating it all. Noah during 2003 delivered the wedding ring to Jim to give to Michelle after him leaving it at home while being at the restaurant where he planned to propose. Michelle was unseen due to being under the table giving a fellatio. Noah embarrassed Jim greatly by speaking out of turn and in the wrong fashion though being the best of intentions.

Noah got greatly along with Howard and Mary Flaherty upon their arrival in 2003 and was fond of Michelle Flaherty. Noah followed with Jim's mom in the dance after Jim and Michelle's first. Noah went on while to council at Tall Oaks Band Camp under recommendation of Michelle Flaherty to aid the students there and later the Beta House to mention Jim and Michelle's progressing relationship.

Get Her Out Of Here[]


Jim's late mother walked in on Jim's watching of the illegal channel and sex with Natalie at Jim's University dormitory room walking in with pie as celebration which hit the floor upon witnessing their intercourse. She baked an apple pie for desert which was used as Jim's testing of third base feeling like warm apple pie in 1999.

She invited Steven Stifler to Jim's wedding which led to him becoming the third and final groomsmen for Jim and organizer of his bachelor party. Noah in his conversations regarding sexual scenarios with Jim mentioned his mother to be not doing it often anymore with him but back then when frequent was well aware.

Noah later mentions in 2006 that she is bored with their sex life, and suggests he does yoga and kamasutra. In either 2008 or 2009, Mrs. Levenstein passed away from an unknown illness or accident. Her passing left Noah very depressed and lonely, and not like his usual upbeat self.

In 2012, he finally moves on from her death after winning the heart of sexy and promiscuous Jeanine Stifler, and they begin dating. Jeanine gives Noah oral sex in a movie theater, while they were on a date.

Guys What Does Third Base Feel Like[]

Chris "Oz" Ostreicher[]


Chris "Oz" Ostreicher attended East Great Falls with Jim and was one of four of his best friends. Oz was the introducer of Stifler and his parties and present for many of Jim's other conversations including the one pertaining to the tube sock and Ariel the Mermaid.

Jim witnessed in preparation for completing the pact that Oz had taken on the advice of the college female stating that you have to listen and care about what the women says. Oz began taking on the female television shows of which he previously ditched to Jim.

Oz agreed with Jim's argument towards Kevin Myers at their prom. Jim, Kevin and Stifler were present at the revealing of Oz' choir activities as the local jazz girls were hot. Jim accompanied Kevin to Oz' choir production alongside love interest Heather.

Oz accompanied Jim to the lake house for the summer in Grand Harbor. There was no mention of Oz in American Wedding. But in a deleted scene, it was mentioned that he was in Spain with his girlfriend, Heather, and was absent for the wedding of Jim to Michelle Flaherty in 2003. Afterwards, he moved to L.A. to pursue his sports broadcasting career (as revealed in American Reunion).

Go Get Him[]


Jim began work alongside Kevin, Oz, Finch and Stifler as a painter for two women's newly bought home in Ann Harbor. Stifler upon falsely assuming a friendly kiss to be a lesbian affection entered the women's home and was followed by Jim and Finch. The three were halted by the return of the women and forced to hide in Danielle's bedroom. The three were then caught and in act to persuade the women not to report to the authorities brought up the lesbian theory. The two then manipulated the two commencing in gay acts in return for ones from them. Jim was forced to kiss Stifler in return for Danielle kissing Amber. Danielle then requested Jim and Finch give Stifler a hand-job in return for more psychical between her and Amber.


Jim was hidden beneath Danielle's bed originally and upon hearing the name of cowboy collectable figure mistook the name to be that of the dildo discovered in the other room by Stifler.


Amber was the second believed lesbian Ann Harbor home occupant of the house Jim was painting. Stifler discovered the blue dildo in Amber's room and played alongside Danielle's suggestion they pretend to be lesbians in order to get the three to commit gay sexual acts.

Her butt was felt by Danielle in return for Stifler touching Finch's and kissed in return for Stifler kissing Jim.


  • American Wedding is the only film in the Quadrilogy, not to have Jim take the role as the main protagonist, that was instead taken by Steve Stifler.