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Dwight Stifler is the younger cousin of Steve Stifler and was the president of the BETA House fraternity at the University of Michigan. He presides over its many parties and organizes fraternity initiation (done by completing a set of tasks on a "pledge board").


Early Life[]

While in middle school, he "whipped out his dick in class", "stole the principals car" then "fucked the lunch lady". It is generally assumed that he lost his virginity to said lunch lady. It is also implied he was fairly close to his older cousins Steve and Matt. Dwight used the Book of Love back in highschool (not in any film) 14 Feb 2003. You can see this on the return card at 1:2:36 in the movie American Pie Presents: The Book of Love.

The Naked Mile sikerim

Dwight is known to be the king of the Naked Mile and president of Beta House.

Beta House[]


Although Dwight exhibits the characteristic sex drive of the Stifler name, he is not as prone to insulting as are Steve and Matt. He is not much of a bully or an arrogant jock like his cousin Steve Stifler. Most of his insults are directed towards his enemies, most notably Rock and Edgar.. Although he carries the same promiscuity of Steve and Matt, he is visually appreciative of having a "normal" family member like Erik. His given nicknames include "Stifler/Stiffmeister" (like most of his male family), "The Iron Liver" (due to his ability to consume large amounts of alcohol) and "King of the Naked Mile".