Christy is a East Great Falls Senior girl in American Pie 2 portrayed by Joanna Garcia who attends Steven Stifler's final residence party.

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Tasting the BubblesEdit

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Christy attended Steve Stifler's final party before his departure for Ann Harbour.

She was originally identified with the name Sarah by Stifler in confusion with a common girl and former East Great Falls senior Sarah who regurgitated semen upon in 1999 following Kevin Myer's Pale Ale.

Christy was then intoxicated with Stifler's exotic punch drink simply revealed to be alchohol.

Christy then drunk and disorderly accepts Stifler's advances and meets out in the back garden of the home
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Tasting The Bubbles

where Christy takes control of Stifler and preparing to pour champagne upon him.

Christy however is knocked unconsious as John above on the balcony begins to urinate distracted by friend Laurie knocks a flower pot down upon her.

Stifler with his eyes still closed under instruction of Christy is then accidentally urinated on by John until the taste of not bubbles of pungence makes him realize.

Stifler upon realizing and seeing Christy unconsious has clear memory of her identity and what has happened.

The Police then track a falty license plate to the address and bust the party.

Stifler is also escorted inside by the police.

Christy then awakes later and leaves the premises and falls completely out of contact with Steven Stifler.


  • American Pie 2

Slices of PieEdit

Christy appears in the fanonical series of comics created by penciller David Butch and has the full identity of Christine Hamilton

  • From Pie With Love
  • Howday, F***ing Partners
  • Stifler Vs. Finch
  • Alfresco


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