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The easygoing lacrosse player Oz Ostreicher tends to exaggerate his success with women, but he's at least a stinkfinger more experienced than the rest of the crew - or at least Jim, Paul and Kevin. In a cunning bit of strategy, Oz joins the jazz choir because the girls there won't have heard about his rep as a jerk jock. Heather, the choir girl he falls for, ends up winning his heart and what was supposed to be a meaningless quickie grows into a full-fledged relationship. He confesses the pact that the guys have made to her and admits that he doesn't even care about the sex, he just wants to be with her. They do consummate their love that night (psheah, like you thought they wouldn't), but like a gentleman Oz refrains from bragging. The two maintain a long-distance relationship through the rest of the series.


Oz in "American Pie"

"Oh yeah oh yeah Heather, I'm rubbin' it and it feels so good."

"Mornin' Jimbo, how's the twig and giggle berries, man?"

"Like warm apple pie."