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American Pie Presents:
Beta House
American Pie 6
Promotional poster variant
Andrew Waller
  • Adam Herz (characters)
  • Erik Lindsay
Exec. Producer
  • Craig Perry
  • Warren Zide
W.K. Border
  • John White
  • Steve Talley
  • Christopher McDonald
  • Meghan Heffern
    Nic Nac
  • Jake Siegel
    Jonathan Keltz
    Bradford Anderson
  • and Eugene Levy
United States
Distributed By
Universal Pictures
Released on
December 26, 2007
85 minutes
< $10 million

American Pie Presents: Beta House is a 2007 comedy film that was shot in Toronto and Hamilton (some scenes at McMaster University), Ontario. This film is the third in the American Pie Presents series, and sixth in the overall American Pie series.


No sooner than they arrive, Erik feels let down that he and Cooze will be rooming separately, with Cooze in a single room and him sharing another. Erik is no longer with Tracy, his girlfriend in the last film, as she has left him for her ex-boyfriend Trent, leaving Erik a confidence-shaken shell of his former self. Fate, however, intervenes, and Erik meets a girl named Ashley in the coed bathrooms, courtesy of his more party prone, sex crazed cousin Dwight. Things seem to be going well for him during this brief introduction; however, it is cut short when Erik urinates on his pants. He quickly leaves and finally meets his roommate and future BETA brother Bobby. Erik is fairly grossed out as Bobby is having sex with his girlfriend right before his eyes whilst cooking bratwurst and engaging Erik in the awkward "gettin' to know you stage." From there, the boys go through a long list of trials to get into the Beta fraternity; for example, getting their asses signed by a stripper and placing a live ostrich in the GEEK fraternity house.

It is only after they complete their final task which involves stealing something from the GEEK house that Edgar, the GEEKs president, challenges the BETAs to the Greek Olympiad. The loser, as a result, will give up their charter and be evicted from their house. It is revealed beforehand by Rock, Dwight's former nemesis, that due to an altercation between Edgar and a sheep, Rock's entire fraternity was kicked off campus; although Dwight is somewhat hesitant, Rock states that what they had was a rivalry and that "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." When the BETAS and GEEKs reach the final challenge, they use Edgar's fetish for sheep against him, which ultimately costs him and his house the tournament. The BETAS win and Mr. Levenstein, as the officiate, hands over the golden hammer to Dwight, who, as he accepts it, says, "Betas for life!" Afterward, the BETAS having moved into their new mansion, courtesy of the GEEKs, and hold a massive toga party, where Cooze, much to his relief, finally sleeps with Denise and all suspicions of her being a man are gone. As the morning comes, BETA president Wesley wakes up finally believing that his curse as the blackout menace is over, only to hear the toilet flush and is confronted with the female bodybuilder formerly of the GEEK house.

In a post credits scene, Edgar instructs a stripper at the Silver Dollar to dance with the headpiece of the sheep costume.


  • John White as Erik Stifler
  • Steve Talley as Dwight Stifler
  • Jake Siegel as Mike "Cooze" Coozeman
  • Nic Nac as Bobby
  • Robbie Amell as Nick Anderson
  • Bradford Anderson as Jake Parker
  • Jonathan Keltz as Wesley
  • Dan Petronijevic as Bull
  • Tyrone Savage as Edgar Willis
  • Angela Besharah as Irene Wright
  • Christopher McDonald as Mr. Harry Stifler
  • Eugene Levy as Noah Levenstein
  • Meghan Heffern as Ashley
  • Sarah Power as Denise
  • Christine Barger as Margie

Filming locations[]

  • The Silver Dollar Room located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  • Many of the other scenes were filmed at McMaster University, Hamilton and University of Toronto St. George campus.

Soundtrack listing[]

  1. Sound Experience - "Don't Fight the Feelin"
  2. God Made Me Funky - "Luv T'day"
  3. God Made Me Funky - "Won More Time"
  4. MOBONIX - "What Chu Wanna Do (Ladies In The Club)"
  5. Daphne Loves Derby - "Cue the Sun"
  6. Sound Experience - Don't Fight The Feeling
  7. Devin Lima - Rocky Road
  8. Love Arcade - Candy
  9. Dong Carrion - Everything Is Gonna Be OK
  10. Miss Eighty 6 - Drive Me Crazy
  11. Miss Eighty 6 - Candy Store
  12. Miss Eighty 6 - Bounce Back
  13. Miss Eighty 6 - Inside Outside
  14. Miss Eighty 6 - Rebound
  15. Soul P - I Ain't Going Nowhere
  16. Soul P - Put Your Hands Up
  17. Aceyalone - Find Out
  18. Robyn Johnson - Girls
  19. Psykohead - Walking On Fire
  20. Psykohead - Give Me More
  21. Fulanitoft feat. Tonny Tun Tun - Sabado En La Noche
  22. Rich Dolman - I Found My World
  23. Bomas Of Kenya - Kjana Mwana Mwali
  24. Betsy Roo - Killer
  25. The John Does - Stop Before You Start
  26. The Group - Gonna Love You
  27. Gleedsville - My Everything
  28. Daphne Loves Derby - Cue The Sun
  29. Dem Naughty Boys - That Kinda Booty
  30. Dem Naughty Boys - Pick It Up
  31. Jen Foster - All This Time
  32. Poxy - I'm Sick Of Being Home
  33. Bubble - On a Bender
  34. Ben Gidsjoy - Head Up
  35. Ten Days Till - Get Them Hands High
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  37. God Made Me Funky - Luv T'day
  38. Simon Lynge - Love Comes Back To You
  39. Rene van Verseveld - Techno


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